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Gold Futures Prices Promise A Strong Investment For Your Portfolio

English: Graph of gold prices from 1980-2010

English: Graph of gold prices from 1980-2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gold Futures Prices

If Investing in gold has you a little worried, then you should know that gold has been one of the most reliable methods of investing and holding onto your hard earned money even as inflation and stock markets fluctuate. Typically, as stocks are falling gold prices are rising, and vice versa. Gold future prices are expected to continue to rise. It is highly possible that the price of gold will reach two-thousand dollars per ounce by the end of the year.

The latest reports have gold down $6.60 at a $1,595.80 per ounce in the United States. As with any investment this trend my or may not continue over the next several months but most analyst believe that gold prices will still continue to rise.  That's good news whether you are in for the long term or short term investment. Bear in mind however, that financial advisers recommend five to twenty percent of your portfolio be allocated to precious metals. Gold is the most reliable precious metal for investing.

There are numerous ways to invest your money in gold. A simple way would be to buy gold from your local jewelry store and hold on to it until gold prices have risen enough for you to earn a profit or at least break even. But lets face it, that would not be the best way to invest your money. A better way to buy gold is through the stock market where your money would be used to purchase gold bullion or certified coins, such as $10 Liberty Heads. There are portfolios available strictly for investing in gold.

Another way to own gold is to buy gold coins which are not only valuable for their gold content but as collectors items as well. Always ask and use the advice of an investment professional when buying coins because timing can play a crucial part in the in and never be afraid to ask questions. Gold future prices are promising and are worth taking a hard look into.


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