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Facebook And Google Quarterly Earnings

Image representing Alexa as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Google and Facebook have earned the number one and number two Alexa rankings respectively. Even though Alexa rankings are important, they are an indication of the traffic a website receives. They do not indicate the amount of profit that an individual site may have.  Because Google and Facebook are now publicly traded companies, they must release their earnings figures quarterly.

Google performed within expectations this past quarter according to its recent release. The company has a several year history that investors can build upon. No one was surprised to see the search engine giant perform well. The stock price for Google stays within normal market fluctuations and moved higher with the recent release.

Although Facebook earned a profit this past quarter, its initial public offering disappointed many investors. The stock did not rise too far above its initial offering price upon release and has fallen since. This may represent the public’s lack of interest in the initial public offerings for tech companies. Facebook was a late-comer to the game, and it did not raise as much excitement as Google itself did. Even though the stock price movement was disappointing, its revenue predictions were fairly accurate. The stock may not be one for people to make great appreciation in, but it can rest comfortably in people’s portfolios.
Google's earnings were in the billions, Facebook earnings were slightly less, but the popular social website is not slacking in its revenue potential.  There may be more exciting investments, but these two companies are stable and likely to stay in business for a long time.


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