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7 Investments Baby Boomers Should Consider

Baby Boomer Investment

Baby boomers have seen the most prosperous economic times in their youth. It is estimated that a larger part of global wealth is still owned and controlled by baby boomers.  Now as majority of that generation reaches the retirement age, the economic conditions are not very favorable. However, as they have always been a lucky generation, they are still lucky enough to be retiring in a time where there are many investment opportunities.

Considering the part of wealth held and controlled by baby boomers, they can significantly impact the economy by investing their savings. Investing is one the most important financial choices you can make. It will affect your personal finances for the next ten to twenty years. Also, investing guarantees a more secure and safe post-retirement life.

As we mentioned above, as a baby boomer you have a plenty of Investment choices. If you are approaching your retirement age, there are seven hot investment choices to consider.


If you want a safe and reliable investment, treasuries are the perfect answer. You can invest in treasuries by buying mutual bonds, individual bonds, corporate bonds or exchange-traded funds.  Investing in treasuries also provides you with extra income along with preserving your money in a safe manner.

Certificates of Deposits

Although there is a limit of only $ 250,000 per bank, Certificate of Deposits can yield a higher profit than treasuries. If you want to invest a higher amount, you must spread it in several banks. One major advantage of Certificate of Deposit is the FDIC Insurance that comes along with it.

Unit Investment Trusts

Unit investment trusts are also a good investment option to benefit from capital appreciation and dividend income. A UIT will provide stocks and bonds as redeemable units for a specific time period. Unlike mutual funds, a portfolio is established by UIT. When the bonds or stocks mature, you will get your pro rata share of the redeemed bond.

Life Cycle Funds

These funds will become less risky as you get closer to your retirement age. These funds are mostly targeted toward your retirement age. These funds also focus on capital appreciation and income generation.

Real Estate

People have turned pennies into millions by turning sand into concrete. As owning a home remains the most precious American dream, real-estate remains a profitable investment. Although, the business has seen its ups and down, but if you have the ability to take the right decision and make the right choice, you can have a wonderful post retirement life.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans

DRIP automatically reinvests your quarterly dividend into a single dividend paying company. DRIP proves to be more profitable and beneficial since there are no trading fees. Also, you can buy shares at a lower price than the average market price.

Home Based business

The recent economic recession has proved that small businesses can sometimes be safer and more profitable than large businesses and investments. The best part is that there are plenty of ideas. You can even turn your hobby into a profession, for instance, gardening, writing or painting.

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