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Apple iPhone 4 Upload Speeds

The popularity of Apple products is increasing everyday. With the release of the iPhone 4 from At&t the demand is now higher than ever to have this fancy cell phone. However, news broke that there was a slight defect in its network. Apparently there is a limit on the amount of data uploads in certain areas. Users will now have to wait longer to send video, pictures, and other content.

The brand new Apple iPhone 4 officially went into the marketplace in the USA and other countries less than a month ago. Since then the sales have been some of the highest in Apples history. Last week it was announced by Apple that when you hold your phone in a specific way, it might reduce the wireless performance. Most iPhones have showed the weakness of the signal strength in different situations.

At&t spoke out Wednesday about the software glitch found in network equipment, designed by Alcatel-Lucent. They also said that a soon to come mend is in the works. A spokesperson from Alcatel-Lucent did confirm that there was a problem with the cellular base station equipment.

The problem with Alcatel-Lucent only affects certain areas, most notably New York City. This is because they are not the only supplies of equipment to At&t.

The new iPhone 4 is the first cell which has been designed to take advantage of the special upload speeding technology that was put in place in 2008. When working correctly the mobile phone will be capable of uploads which are 10 times faster than ever before. Lets hope the problem is rectified urgently.

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