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Big Options Swings

Aug 07 2013

Stock chart showing levels of support (4,5,6, ...

Stock chart showing levels of support (4,5,6, 7, and 8) and resistance (1, 2, and 3); levels of resistance tend to become levels of support and vice versa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big Options Swings

In this article we will get to know about big options swings!

Every investor or potential investor, who enters the stock market, is looking for maximum performance from any instrument that is purchased. This is more so because of the sheer fact that this usually indicates a greater profitability or return on investment. This is especially true as it regards to swing trading since relatively short term data has to be given proper technical analysis. Investors will go through this entire technicality just to ensure that all data is accurately projected. This done to make sure gains can be made from the stock or stocks being traded. When an investor is privy to this alternative and potential stock as well as potential error, they should be more comfortable diving in. It is a great comfort to truly understand the nature and depth of the market. One must always, as an investor, allow yourself attempt the unthinkable when it comes to options trading.

Any listed stock which shows improved earnings in comparison to the previous trading periods should always be given special attention. An individual who intends on buying shares should know this, since these are the portfolios that are traditionally worthy of investment. In the last trading week, several companies on the stock market posted their earnings and while some of the data was not confidence inspiring, the performance of others was not only note worthy but commendable.

Under Armor Inc. continues to show good numbers and not only delivered a profit but revenue actually rose 23.01%. The adjusted earnings per share went from 6 cents in the year's previous quarter to 16 cents. This herein signals a massive jump of 166.67% beating both Wall Street expectation and revenue projections. Based on this performance, Under Armor saw a lot of call option buying which will only serve to strengthen their stock price and financial position.

Another great performance on the stock market this week came from Standard Pacific Corp. which also beat Wall Street and revenue expectations with adjusted earnings per share up 120% to 11 cents from the earning per share of 6 cents in the year's previous quarter. Standard Pacific was also able to deliver a profit by increasing revenue 56.52%.

On the strength of these results, investors were comfortable buying into both stocks and with the positive swing in trading. It should be no surprise that stock prices for these two entities should shortly be trading higher than a week ago.

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