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Investing in Google in the Future

Jul 22 2015


During the next 25 years, stock trading and investing is expected to change significantly and investing in Google is anticipated to be a big part of these changes. Another big change might be personal and useful trading advice from a digital avatar.

Although it sounds like science fiction, the concept of getting trading advice this way is expected to be part of daily life during the next two decades. These high tech advisors have several advantages, including the fact that they can process large volumes of data much more efficiently than a human can, and they can offer advice faster, based on the data.

The avatar will eventually be able to make trading decisions based on the user's preferences, and will respond to voice commands. It is anticipated that source code regulations will be able to overcome any loopholes and other difficulties.

The avatar is expected to be able to make crowdsourcing easier and more widespread, as well as allow trading on a company's same class shares, and trading across different risk categories. So-called angel investors will find themselves having to make the necessary adjustments to deal with the avatar's capabilities and there will be the anticipated implications for angel investors who trade in start up companies.

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