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Profitable Businesses to Start In 2016

Apr 08 2016


Many consider self-employment the American dream and strive towards leaving their jobs behind. Lets take a look at some business that will be profitable in 2016 if you are one of these individuals looking for a business idea. You might consider what you know about and what you are good at doing. But looking at profitable industries can also be of great help.

The metals industry has a good profit margin, around 10% net, and there is plenty of demand at this time for coating and engravers. The repair of electronic equipment is something that everyone is looking for to save some money in comparison to purchasing the latest version. Net profit in the industry is a little bit better than 10.3%. Another place to look is technological consulting. Help companies get up to speed on new products and services in the marketplace.

Let’s get to the high margin businesses, ones that are close to double the 10% margin on the three we have already mentioned. To start, accounting and tax preparation has a net profit near 20%. Doing the books for other companies and relieving them of the burden of filing their taxes, is a great business to be in today.

Leasing real estate has become quit profitable as the rate of rents has had a number of good years of growth. Currently leasing out real estate should return 16% net profit to your new business. Also close to 16% is the lease of automobiles. There are a number of franchise options which could make this the perfect business for someone with operating experience.

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