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The Cloud Infrastructure Market Looks Bright With AWS

Nov 01 2017


The massive and much sought after cloud infrastructure market continues to be the AWS cup of tea, this quarter reveals. The businesses of Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and other big players continue to grow at an exponential rate. Despite this, however, these companies have not created a significant dent on AWS' firm hold of the cloud infrastructure market.

In fact, Amazon's cloud computing arm seems to have cut its teeth on 35% of the cloud infrastructure market despite relentless competition from the big guys. For example, Microsoft has a USD $20 billion run rate. But that is mainly from software instead of the cloud infrastructure market.

That's why it's so important to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. And when all is said and done, that AWS spell on the cloud infrastructure market remains stronger than ever. This scenario has led Synergy to declare that the Amazon company is on a league of its own.

Meanwhile, Canalys puts the company's cloud infrastructure market dominance at a conservative 31%. Still, such an estimate is a big thing considering the presence of so many big players which must share the rest of the IaaS pie. Cloud infrastructure market watchers attribute the ongoing AWS dominance to its first-mover advantage, strong portfolio management, and developer expertise.

The ongoing AWS cloud infrastructure market dominance has Microsoft in the running as the second biggest player. And from the looks of it, the second runner-up is poised to use all the tricks at its disposal to achieve hegemony. Only time can tell if the pecking order of the present cloud infrastructure market will hold. But when the reigning cloud infrastructure market leader continues to concentrate on its key strengths, that AWS wall might yet be impossible to breach.

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