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Should I Invest in Google?

Aug 15 2011

Google is a popular internet search engine that was established in 1996. In 2004, Google began providing shares for trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange. It is a publicly traded company; therefore, trading with Google, which goes under the symbol GOOG, is exactly the same as investing in other stocks that are available in the stock exchange. Google named itself in 2015 and is now known as Alphabet Inc. The stock recently traded as high as $768 a share near its all time high.

Many people today wonder if investing in Google is a good idea. Google has become a part of everyday life for most people. If you need to search a particular subject on the internet, you probably will Google it. Most experts on investing say that it is a good idea to invest in a company that you are familiar with. Google certainly fits that description.

However, you should not buy stocks just because you love the product. You need to research the company and get advice from the experts. The price of Google’s stocks keeps increasing at a remarkable rate. In fact, since the company became available on the stock exchange, it has never had a down month, which is an amazing accomplishment. The market cap is near $525 billion dollars while the growth rate continues to be over 20% year-over-year.

Most people can not imagine a life without the internet. It is not going anywhere and many countries in the world are just now discovering technology. Therefore, anytime someone starts searching the web, Google is probably one of the first sites that they find.

The worth of the stocks of Google, Inc. is almost 150 billion dollars (in 2011), and the company is a clearly a growth stock. Google chooses to reinvest earnings into research and expansion instead of paying dividends to the shareholders. The company is not one that goes it debt, as it has an enormous amount of money available ($64 billion as of December 2014). Because Google always has money available, they can just keep coming up with new ideas and services. Google just seems to keep growing and growing. They also have a continuous calendar of acquisitions including Keyhole Inc. which became Google Earth, Urchin Software which powers Google Analytics, and GrandCentral which became Google voice, just to name a few.

To invest in Google, you need to create an online brokerage account and buy shares. It is then a good idea to examine Google stock as an investment. Look for GOOG, which is the ticker symbol for the stock of Google. You need to look at your financial situation and decide how much you want to invest. You do not want to invest so much money that it could severely damage your financial future if there happens to be a decline in value. It is a good idea to spread out your investments over a number of smaller investments, so you will minimize your overall risk.

You need to decide for yourself, but investing in Google has the potential to be a great investment. In fact, many people think that Google is probably the best company that you could invest in.  It really stands out over other companies in the market. Google is now a household name, and it will continue to be in the future.

With Google's recent acquisition of Beat That Quote, Google is moving into new territory.  They'll now be providing car insurance quotes to comparison shoppers.  They also are in the process of purchasing Motorola's cellular phone empire.

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