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4 Extra Financial Accounts to Consider

Credit Text

Thought you had enough with just a checking and savings account? Got your tax account set up and think your financial picture is complete? Hold your horses, because there are a few more types of financial accounts you might want to consider.  These accounts may not be as basic as the ones mentioned above, but they may still play a role in diversifying your portfolio, gaining interest, building good credit, and being prepared for any financial "bumps in the road".

Building Wealth with Multiple Income Streams

steams of income

One of the keys to building wealth is to have multiple streams of income. Your income is, after all, the main thing that you can leverage when it comes to wealth building. Some people, though, just aren’t sure how to get multiple streams of income coming in to their lives. If you have talents in the right areas, it may not be all that difficult. With time and work, you can start generating different types of income for your family. When you manage that money well, you’ll be able to build wealth, pass on money to the next generation, and eventually enjoy the spoils of your hard work.

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