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Dell Slams Carl Icahn For Being Inconsistent

Jun 25 2013
Michael Dell, Founder of Dell

Michael Dell, Founder of Dell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dell Slams Carl Icahn For Being Inconsistent

Carl Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management have apparently been slammed by a Dell special committee. He is attempting to propose his own deal for going private with the company, and it is clearly marked as incredibly inconsistent and impossible to implement based on his own actions.

Michael Dell was originally slated to buy out the company for around 24.4 billion dollars. There have been several disputes over this deal, and Carl Icahn has done his best to grab the company himself.

Dell's Debt-Laden Leveraged Buyout

Image representing Michael Dell as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

Dell's Debt-Laden Leveraged Buyout

Whispers from the Street: Dells Wastes Million in Buyout Plan

Many people are at a loss to explain Dell's (DELL) leveraged buyout and how exactly the math will add up in the $24.4 billion takeover bid which is the largest this side of the financial crisis.

Very few people or even analysts seem worried that the consortium group organized by founder Michael Dell, Silver Lake Partners, and Microsoft(MSFT) will not happen, even though there are concerns that a mere $13.65 per share cash payout gives only a little payment to Dell's shareholders.

Those who are shaking their heads back and forth are trying to make some sense of the numbers and are stunned after hearing that the three large rating agencies (Standard & Poors, Fitch Ratings, and Moody's) stand ready to downgrade Dell's stock to junk.

Dell's Acquisition of Compellent Technologies for $800 million

Dell's Acquisition of Compellent Technologies for $800 million

In February 2011, Dell successfully completed its acquisition of Compellent Technologies, Inc. Compellent is a leading provider of innovative storage solutions on the web with automated data management capabilities. The shareholders of Compellent also agreed on the terms of the acquisition during a stakeholders meeting.

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