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Exxon Mobile Corporation (XOM) Keeps Value

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 20:  ExxonMobil Corporati...

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Exxon Mobile Corp (XOM) has maintained its value as the overall markets have turned bearish over the past couple of weeks. The oil/natural gas exploration and development company remains near its 52-week as analyst continue to anticipate strong earnings in the coming quarters. Currently the company is valued at $395 billion and offers a dividend of 1.88 or a 2.3% yield.

Exxon-An Example Of Success

Exxon Mobile

Exxon-An Example Of Success

Exxon Mobil, is one of America’s biggest oil companies and has just reported yesterday a huge fifty-three percent profit increase in 2010’s fourth-quarter.  This is due to the world’s slowly recovering economy and the increase in crude oil prices per barrel.  This was their best reported profit in over 2 years.  This shows the trend of the oil market since 2007 when it was up, then crashed in 2009 before making its way back up by the end of last year.   This is not uncommon results in the oil industry as this profit margin can be seen all across the board in other refinery businesses.  

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