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Is It Easy to Identify Forex Broker Scam?

Forex is a $4.2trillion daily business. No financial trading hub can boast of the kind of money that circulates in the Forex market. Given that a few years ago, the daily Forex turnover was just about 30% of today’s values, it is safe to say that in the next five years, we may see the daily turnover reach almost $10 trillion. With so much money floating around in one financial hub, it is not surprising that the Forex market will naturally draw out the human element of greed in some of its participants.

Of all the participants in the Forex market, the brokers are in a better position to profit financially. They make money from spreads and commissions generated by traders, irrespective of the market conditions. In a situation where there is a quest and accompanying pressure by humanity to live well and have the best that life can offer, it is not surprising that some brokers engage in practices that short-change clients and scam money off them.

Investment Rules According to Warren Buffett

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business ...

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Everyone knows Warren Buffett as the billionaire who made his fortune through simple investment rules combined with savvy expertise with balance sheets. Granted, he gave most of his fortune away and lives an extremely humble life, but that’s by choice and not necessity. Warren Buffet is the Yoda of investment and a financial philanthropist whose actions inadvertently command respect.

Rule #1: Don’t lose money. Rule #2: See rule #1. That said and done it’s not as clear-cut as it would seem. Before applying the two investment rules above, there are a set of commandments that need to be followed to ensure you’re not accessing a financial drain.

Why Trading Systems Are Not Profitable For Everyone


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Probably, all the things in this world are based on a difference. Two exactly the same cars turn out to be different in further usage – one of them brakes down faster for some reasons. The same ball at hand does not make two basketball players equally skilled. And so is with Forex trading.

From my own experience, I would say that there is no perfectly profitable system, which would suit two traders at once. As a rule, one of them “drowns” (gets losses) and another “stays afloat” (earns profits). And they both were using the same system.

The major reason for this frustrating disparity is that most of the best and profitable trading systems do not have adamantly set rules. When certain market conditions are met, we often clear entry/exit points and get clear instructions to take a trade. However, it’s often left to us, the traders, to only trade the very best set-ups, so we should be capable of reading the markets and using our intuition.

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