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Stock Swindlers Use Social Networking Sites Like Twitter

Sep 04 2013
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Social networking sites may have made the world smaller, but they have also resulted in an added security threat to businesses. Almost a third of all Internet users are on Twitter with around 175 million tweets being circulated a day. The speed at which information travels is the basis of how stock market swindlers work. It is difficult to pinpoint the source of a piece of information that has gone viral, and in the while that it takes to find and shut it down, the damage can be done.

Feeling Cheated by the Stock Market? Here are the Worst Swindlers of All Time

In inflation adjusted terms, the US stock mark...

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The stock market is getting a lot of attention today with the recent backlash and protests on Wall Street. The negative sentiments further fuel assumptions of brokers scamming and engaging in unethical practices.

While the stock market has undoubtedly had its share of horror stories, the investment opportunities it presents are still legitimate. The only question is, which ones? To prevent losing out on your hard earned money, it pays to do your own research and take the time to understand the basics of how you can avoid getting hoodwinked by unscrupulous investment scams. To do this you also need to look at a few of the stock market’s most successful swindlers to help you weed out the bad ones from the good.

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