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How Valuations for Chemical Acquisitions Are Made

Mergers and Acquisitions (The Sopranos)

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One of the most important steps in successful chemical acquisitions is coming to an accurate valuation of the target that leaves room for the buy-side firm to find the deal worthwhile and simultaneously puts the sell-side firm in a position where it wants to make a deal. Valuation is difficult in any industry, more so when it is for the purpose of chemical M&A activity, as there are pressures on those conducting the valuation to make a deal happen to the benefit of the senior partners and shareholders, as well as the company. Expert assistance from a team of chemicals M&A consultants can be invaluable in this situation, as such a team will have resources designated specifically for conducting the type of investigations necessary for an accurate valuation.

Exxon Mobile Corporation (XOM) Keeps Value

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Exxon Mobile Corp (XOM) has maintained its value as the overall markets have turned bearish over the past couple of weeks. The oil/natural gas exploration and development company remains near its 52-week as analyst continue to anticipate strong earnings in the coming quarters. Currently the company is valued at $395 billion and offers a dividend of 1.88 or a 2.3% yield.

Four Top ETF Funds for the past 30 Days

Looking over the Morning Star ETF Performance Table I find four ETFs with nice performance over the past month in addition to having decent volume. I have been active in the call option contracts for both Ultra Oil & Gas (DIG) and Daily Energy Bull 3X (ERX). Both have performed well over the past month with good company earnings and strong commodity (oil) prices in addition to unrest in the Middle East.

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